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Cloud App development

Take your documents, communication and business file sharing to the Cloud. Cloud computing is becoming a smart alternative if your business is on the move, take your business communication, software and files with you wherever you are

Cloud App Development

Cloud App development includes integrated development environments that is streamlined to simplify how your business communicated internally, with the focus on better collaboration as well as internal communications in real time. With all the required tools your employees will be able to maximize productivity from anywhere.

Cloud App Development: the advantages

  • Easy navigation for both employees and customers
  • Secure central point to store documents and files and to access from anywhere
  • Real time collaboration and internal chat functions
  • Your system can grow with your business needs and requirements
  • Navigation
  • Central Point
  • Real Time
  • Flexability

Easy collaboration

Your teams can access, edit and share files anytime, from anywhere, your team will also be able to do more together, and do it better.


Smart internal and external communication tools to streamline workflow, your cloud app will enable your team to engage anytime, anywhere!


Enhance your productivity with all the required tools that is scalable and able to adapt to your business model and work force.

We believe that every business is unique, with that said we will access your business and core requirements. Once we have concluded our assessment we will provide you with an overview to best deploy your Cloud app.

Depending on your requirements implement add-ons that will enhance your Cloud App and provide multiple tools for you team to engage your customers.

Depending on your requirements we implement addons that will enhance your Cloud App and provide multiple tools for you team to engage your customers. This includes however not limit to

  • Smart control panel
  • Invoicing system
  • Shopping system
  • Project Planning
Cloud App development Features

Take your business anywhere with a custom cloud app development by Appsup, should you be interested you can request a no obligation assessment, you are also welcome to checkout our other services Responsive Web Design or mobile app development.